personal designs of cutesy but eerie unicorns and rainbows

Endpaper pattern for published children's books 'Witches don't wear flip flops!'

A pattern originally inspired by Beatrix Potter, but the focus shifted to celebrating UK woodland creatures and tree leaves seeds and nuts. The key colour was the burnt orange/reds of the foxes and squirrels which lends itself for an autumnal feel. 

Edgar Allen Poe 'Nevermore' inspired repeat pattern

Repeat pattern based on art materials I use. I edit this to make promotional banners for websites i'm on.

I love finding strange and interesting mushrooms when I walk my dog in local forests and they make such fun pattern designs. I also am obsessed with honey/mustard yellow hues at the moment and it really makes these fungi pop in this piece. 

Inspired by the French side of my mothers family, a fresh take on the french country style with a modern colour palette, but more complex details. 

One of my first pattern designs created at uni inspired by the Fairytale trope of a Frog prince. A very simple but cohesive repeat that would work well as gift wrap or the endpapers of a fairytale book. 

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